About Nandana Organic Farm

A long, yet joyous and hassle free drive on a warm Sunday, away from the hustle and bustle of the Bangalore city. Taking the Kanakapura main road for about 90 kms passing through the famous Nice corridor will lead one to Nandana Organic Farms. A place that has silently given birth to a new revolution in Food Production. Motivated by the philosophy of Natural Farming advocated by Masanobu Fukuoka and Biodynamic farming of Peter Procter, Mr. Parameswarappa D.M. launched NANDANA DAIRY & ORGANIC FARMS to see for himself the results of Natural Farming in 2010. Within three years of its inception, he witnessed the benefits of organic farming and thus perfected the techniques of organic farming and evolved a working agribusiness model that is viable, sustainable and replicable. Buoyed by the positive results he witnessed in the initial years he determined to build a team of successful professionals from various fields interested in agriculture with in-depth knowledge and experience in natural farming systems and started Nandana Organic Farms to reach out to large number of people who are keen to join the organic movement.

Today it is a public limited company registered under Companies Registration Act with its Corporate Office at Bangalore. The Management team which is a blend of youth and as well as senior professionals has strong back up of methods of scientific research and information technology as enabler. Their model farm is located in Malavalli on a sprawling 50 acres of land under the foot hills of Kundana Parvatha on bank of Cauvery [nearby Shivanasamudra, Bluff], a picturesque location is all set to become the Global Head Quarters and poineer in the food industry. Nandana Organics has established a state-of-the-art Research Technical training centre in organic farming. The ground team has already showcased successfully the production of fruits, vegetables and livestock using organic farming practices. The livestock raised in the farm supports organic farming system by providing cow dung and cow urine which are essentially required to enrich compost for maintaining the fertility of soil thus avoiding the use of hazardous and expensive chemical fertilizers. Every one in the farm knows importance of Earth worms and honey bees in increasing the production of healthy food, also as a sign of pure and natural environment. One can see the harmonious existence of birds, butterflies, honeybees, cattle, goats, poultry and human beings all on one piece of land. Chemical pesticides have been virtually eliminated from the production system and you can see the smiling faces of workers on the farm as they no more have to smell and get affected by those carcinogenic chemicals. This integrated farm has incorporated the best practices drawn from different schools of thought of organic farming. From the time Nandana Farms started its operations in Malavalli area, it has successfully created new enthusiasm and hope in the local farming community. They are finding a new lease of life who otherwise were abandoning their farms and going to cities in search of work.

Now, the management team of Nandana has embarked on massive expansion plan to produce safe organic food using sound principles of organic farming with right mix of cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants. This ambitious plan initially proposes to bring about 1000 acres under organic farming by creating viable partnerships with different stake holders. The company has also initiated steps to build partnerships with organizations such as ICCOA, WWOOF and IFOAM to leverage its efforts in promoting organic farming. Further in the coming years NOF has plans to start its off shore projects. Initially in other tropical countries and later to other parts of the world. Indeed Nandana has created a new wave in Indian farming assuring us the needed food and nutritional security.

The Company has a unique scientific approach that is the most needed element in the recent times. The research station of Nandana Organics aims at scientifically standardizing and quantifying each of the daily activities of the farm. Thus be able to make precise predictions and project the future growth of the farm. This also makes the agricultural land a sensitive testing ground for newer farming methods and technology. An efficient market research and analysis of the market trend will help us make informed choices. If you are a student of science or agriculture we might interest you to visit here.

You can be a part of Nandana in many ways, we are always looking for progressive partners and investors. You can also ask for a trip to the organic farm; just write to us.