Hello fellow farmers, Nandana Organics Ltd. was conceptualized initially as a dairy farm. Upon experimentation and two years of rigorous efforts, we realized the importance of integrated eco-system in organic farming. Thus, my success was found, both financially and conceptually. A farmer or a person interested is welcome to participate and be a part of this venture. We are enthusiastic to do joint venture with genuinely interested farmers with their land as the share equity. Nandana Organics is a hub for scientific research and new agriculture technology, we will be happy to impart technology and support for other farmers.

Nandana Organics has developed a concept of 'food basket' that aims to provide the complete supply of organic products [vegetables, fruits and milk] for the whole family. To fulfill such a motivated goal, we will provide market to those other farmers who share the spirit and follow our theme of agriculture and abide to our turn key projects.

Farmers, absentee land-lords who are passionate can also join this eco-social, earth and nature developing activity.

Not all resources are purchased, but many procured by forming a co-operative circles among the agriculture community. After all soil itself is the earth's share of investment to Nandana Organics. Please leave a message, we are shy to start conversations.