Nandana Organics is a Public Limited Company. The crowd funded company is managed by a team of professionals. Norg aims to produce safe organic food-baskets to the consumers, that would be wholesome to complete the farm needs of a family [ organic milk, foods, vegetables, meat, chicken et. Cetera.]. Norg is a hub of research and agriculture information. It aims to develop and pioneer the agri technologies of the future. Nandana has an able "World organic learning centre" for agriculture students, interns and research students. The learning centre and the research station is, more than sustainable, a profitable venture. Norg, also establishes an interdisciplinary laboratory. We put forth an earnest effort to produce safe food as well as to save the earth and maintain ecological balance.

Nandana Organics, has a major part of its wealth invested on agriculture land, which created a lot of interest among the investors. Norg, unlike other companies is not subjected to the market ups and downs as it offers an essential need. During the experimental years of the organization, the revenue has been worked upon to spread its arrival over different time scales of a year;

Yearly profit: owing to yearly crops,
Bi-annual profit: Organic banana of different kind
Quarterly profits: vegetables
Monthly income: some perishable vegetables
Weekly income: chicken, mutton, eggs,
Daily source of income: Organic milk,

It was realised in the 2 yr prenatal run of the company that the intrinsic risk factors of agriculture can be tackled easily by successfully employing all the methods above discussed. Nandana Organic farms, makes effective use of state of the art technologies, assured water facility, concentrated farming to reduce labour force and many more dynamic ways.

With the working experience, experiments done, innovative research station and a precise market research, it is self-evident that the organic agribusiness and market research oriented products at a corporate scale will be most viable venture and investor's will be benefited regularly to the maximum extent.

Methods of the Investor: