Nandana Research Station

Nandana Organics is a scientifically motivated company. We believe that Research & Development wing among many others, is one of the most important foundation pillar of a successful business. Here, we aspire to create predictable mathematical models of the farm-produce and of associated market. The central purpose of the R&D wing of Nandana is to device new methods to acquire data and techniques to analyze the information, thus to be able to advice the board of management in all regards. In India, Agriculture has always been, quite correctly, called a gamble with the monsoon. Our R&D tries to overcome such an intrinsic limitation by following a scientific approach. Documenting soil texture of each of the piece of land the company owns, having a statistical information about the rate of growth of the kind of organic seeds et cetera. will give us a stable supply rate. Keeping track of the food intake and yield of every animal will help us monitor their health closely. The possibilities of data mining are infinite in a farm land that is maintained upto laboratory standards. Similarly, the study of the market is also done extensively, and must be able to project the market demands for near future.

Nandana Organics is doing ground testing for many certified and yet-to-be certified organic technologies. It provides ground for students and researchers to develop and test theories/methods. We are happy to take in students of all disciplines of science as interns, project students and researchers.

We provide food and accommodation for nominal fee and all the technology required for the the documentation and data analysis. Students are free to choose the publication and external guide. Talk to us about anything you wish to.