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About Us

since 2004

TRIPLE E is the educational technology platform of the from national award winning company Norg Biotech and consortium, India. We provide the industry’s first all-in-one experience to all stakeholders in the education system, schools, school chain, universities, governments, boards and NGOs, with the best online solutions, secure and compliant. We empower teachers and foster student growth through innovative digital classroom capabilities, and engage families through real-time communications on any device.

Why Choose Us

Program options for all stakeholders

Hybrid online and offline operating model


End-to-end management of the institute

Two-way feedback system for continuous improvement

Independence and time management

State-of-the-art learning and management system

Resilient model against any calamity

Proven benefits of digitizing education



Our Mission

As an educational platform, we have a passion for education technology, but above all for making a difference in the lives and education of students, motivation and influence of teachers, as well as operations and the management of administrators.


Our Vision

Education for Everyone Everywhere

What do we offer

Experts In Every Subject

Our ERP integrated EMIS solutions

Multi-campus/multi-department integration

Digital infrastructure for teachers

Remote schooling solutions

Online assessment tools

For The Ministry & Advisory

EMIS cloud-based solutions with automation and computerization to manage departments, institutions, students, faculty, training, distance education, personnel management, asset management, services, all types of payments, etc. Triple E manages all ministry and council activities efficiently and accurately.

For Universities

The University Management System is a web- based solution that covers all aspects of colleges, universities, and schools. It is developed to conduct, monitor and analyze the complex activities of the University and its affiliated colleges, such as centralized admission, centralized examination and much more.

For Colleges

Our College Management System is an end-to- end solution for colleges to improve operational efficiency and institutional outcomes by automating the student-faculty lifecycle and campus administration. Hosted in the cloud, it helps educators to streamline all core activities with the latest technology stack such as biometrics, business intelligence tools and analytics dashboard.

For Schools

Our EMIS School Management aims to ease administrative hassle and improve efficiency and productivity. The solution is cloud-based and supports various modern technologies such as – online payment gateway, smart cards, biometrics, mobile apps, email alerts, etc. The school management software is agile and can be adapted to the needs of the school.

Centralized Campus Management System

  • Online registration
  • Online fee payment
  • Schedule and attendance Financial management
  • Library management
  • Hostel management Staff management
  • Healthcare Student transport
  • Reports and announcements Evaluations, scoring and reports
  • Student management

A product from Norg and consortium.

Years of experience

Team Member

Million Users

NORG TECHNOLOGIES is part of a Joint Venture of India’s leading and award winning, IT companies, with expertise and decades of experience in providing world class software solutions.

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