Our Software Solutions

We offer purpose- built solutions for solving wide spectrum of complex problems, solutions which adapt and evolve to cater to a specific need and are unique like a fingerprint.

Digital Government To Citizen Services

Our NORG SMART CITIZEN digital platform for creating reliable and ubiquitous IT- enables network of citizen service points, which connect local population with government departments, business establishments, banks, insurance companies, and educational institutions with an impact on primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors of countries economy.


Aadhar & unique ID Cards


GST, DSC & ITR Solutions

Digital Education

Our TRIPLE E School paltform provides the industry’s first all-in-one experience to all stakeholders in the education system, schools, school chain, universities, governments, boards and NGOs, with the best online solutions, which are secure, and compliant. We empower teachers and foster student growth through innovative digital classroom capabilities, and engage families through real-time communications on any device.


Complete Institue Management


Online Classes and Evaluation

Digital Healthcare

HEAL is our SaaS-based digital healthcare platform providing AI- enabled, cloud-based, Mobile-first solutions for governments, administrators, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, doctors, nurses, and patients. Heal is a world-class digital platform of microservices, which can be customized following FHIR standards with user-friendly user interface applications for better adoption among healthcare fraternity.


Complete Hospital Management


Online Consultation & Pharmacy

Digital Agriculture

Our COFARMIN digital platform integrates concepts of conservation farming, precision farming & smart farming techniques. Digital agriculture is the use of data and artificial intelligence that helps every Agri player up-level how they grow, harvest, and sell food the world over. For farmers, digital agriculture allows for the opportunity to increase their farm’s production, save costs in the long-term and eliminate risks.


Centralized Control of Farm


Smart Cultivation

Assistive Technology

With our SEE SOUND LIVE platform, a hearing impared person can learn to speak by harnessing their heightened visual senses. They can start by speaking simple sounds like “aa”, “ee”, “oo”, and then eventually speak out bigger sounds and words. With regular learning and practice on the See Sound Live App, a deaf person can build a vocabulary of spoken sounds and words like Mama, Papa, Hello, Bye, and more!

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NORG TECHNOLOGIES is part of a Joint Venture of India’s leading and award winning, IT companies, with expertise and decades of experience in providing world class software solutions.

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