Eco-Friendly Smart Farming

Norg Biotech’s COFARMIN digital platform integrates concepts of conservation farming, precision farming & smart farming techniques. Digital agriculture is the use of data and artificial intelligence that helps every Agri player up-level how they grow, harvest, and sell food the world over. For farmers, COFARMIN allows them the opportunity to increase their farm’s production, save costs in the long-term and eliminate risks. For the ministries and advisories it helps to project near accurate yields, streamline farmer policies and benefits stemming from these policies, and better management of extension services. COFARMIN helps companies of inputs manufacturing, farm mechanization, farmer credit, crop insurance and agri-marketing with near accurate data of farms, farmers, crops , crop health and crop yield projection. COFARMIN has combined digital technologies such as the, Block Chain, Internet of Things (IoT) with its Big Data analytics, visualization capabilities, and industry knowledge to create a tool for the benefit of all the stake holders of agriculture production value chain.

What Do We Do

“With COFARMIN platform, we make farming profitable for all stakeholders”

COFARMIN is intuitive, intelligent, and self- evolving farm management platform, which delivers future-ready farming solutions for all the stakeholders of agriculture production value chain. With capabilities of live reporting, analysis and interpretation our decision making tools helps to bring consistency, dependability, and sustainability to the agri-business.

In collaboartion with our JV partners we are currently managing more than 10,000 medium to large scale farms in more 12 countires.

More Than 18% GHG Reduction

Adoption of conservation farming to achieve up to 18% reduction in local agriculture GHG emissions.

Local Agri-Research

Research activities in collaboration with local universities for developing innovative agriculture and environmental management techniques in synergy with indigenous and traditional knowledge.

Zero Waste Practises

Precision farming and zero wastage processing of crops to produce clean power, clean fuel and compost at the end of the processing cycle.

Global Attention

Quantification of environmental benefits to attract more international funding to further the cause.

Complete Farm Management Solution

Key Features

  • Robust & flexible system for Farm Management
  • Traceability & Output Predictability
  • Accountable & Efficient Operations
  • Standard package of practices
  • Alert Log & Management (pest infestation, diseases etc.)
  • Incorporates end-to-end solutions
  • Satellite and weather input based advisory
  • Crop reports & insights – easy reporting on-the-go
  • Geo tagging for accountability & accurate predictability
  • Adherence to Compliance & Certification


Farming Companies

Government & Advisories

Seed Production Companies

Financial Lending Institutions

Agri Input Companies

Crop Insurance Providers

We Make Agriculture More Farmer Centric

COFARMIN experts perform a crop feasibility audit of the farms and suggest crops to the governments, institutions & farmers based on soil quality, water stress, weather conditions, geo-location, etc. to minimise the risk and maximise the profit.

We develop COFARMIN POPs according to local climatic conditions in collaboration with local institutions.

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