Tele Heal

Reimagining Patient Care With Telemedicine

Simple, Secure and HIPAA Compliant Virtual Care Solution Designed for Clinics and Hospitals.

Patient Virtual Care Made Easy

Appointments Scheduling

Assured Online Fee Payments

Virtual check-ins with 2-way messaging

Secure Video Visits

Automated patient records and e-prescription

HIPAA Compliant Consulting

Tele-Consultation Sessions as Per Your Convenience

Configure your Schedule and Time Slots

Define the amount of time you wish to allocate per session and set appointment slots as per your availability.

Provide 24X7 Instant Bookings

Keep your appointment scheduling open 24X7 and allow your patients to make their bookings at their convenient hours.

Manage your Calendar

Effectively manage your calendar with options to schedule, confirm and reschedule appointments.

Digital Case-sheets Designed for Ease of Sharing

Digital Prescriptions

Send digitally signed e-prescriptions for your telemedicine sessions to the patients using the mobile app.

Your Consultation Notes

Create and record notes from every telemedicine session with patients including goals, prescribed medications, bills, follow-up due dates or care-plans you may have advised.

Highly Customisable Case-sheets

Use fully customisable templates to capture patient data digitally, and make your consultation hassle free with a vast library of clinical summaries designed for every specialty.

Optimise Practice Efficacy with Machine Learning

Leverage the power of machine learning [ML] that identifies meaningful patterns in your consultation, and enables the system to adapt & optimise auto-suggestions.

User-friendly Graphical Interface

Easy-to-use visually rich and interactive graphical interface lets you evaluate patients’ medical conditions better and provide them a visual explanation for their condition that is best understood.

Why Choose us

Integrates with your existing clinical workflows.

Saves time for both you and your patients.

Easy Booking & Renewals

Expert Doctors

Reduce operational costs with smart digital consultations.

Easy set-up. No technical skills required.

Collect Tele consultation Fee Through Online Payments

Define Consultation Pricing

Enjoy the flexibility of defining your teleconsultation charges as you deem appropriate.

Get Assured Payments

With patient entry to the online session subject to payment fulfilment before the session start time, stay absolutely care-free about the payment collection.

Automated Bill Generation

Get automated system-generated bills for every teleconsultation session to record the revenue generated from online consultation.

Multiple Online Payment Modes for Patients

Offer your patients the freedom to choose payment methods of their choice. Our online payment gateway supports all popular UPIs, Net banking and debit cards.

Consult Patients Through Smart Virtual Visits

Consult from Anywhere, using Any Device

No matter which location you are in or what device you wish to use, offer remote video consultation to your patients with the same level of comfort as that of your OPD.

Face-to-Face High-quality Video Interaction

We understand how important it is to offer a personal touch to your patients. With high-quality video conferencing , communicate with your patients just as you would in your real OPD set-up.

Intelligent Document Access with Patient-in-focus

Easily access and open your patient’s medical records during an on-going session while having your patient’s video as it is on your screen.

On-going & Uninterrupted Care

With self-configurable free follow-up sessions for patients and message chat option, stay connected with them post-consultation for improved care.

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