Virtual reality (VR) in 3D DESIGNING

Getting an efficient immersive experience has become prerequisite for industrials that want to work on their 3D data while having a realistic vision of their project. When visualized in a VR system, the 3D model turns into a virtual prototype that can effectively help companies improve their product design processes for example. If your business is using a 3D software such as CAD/Cadworx, Solidworks, NX, software or any other professional 3D application, then everything will become very simple.

Benefits/use of Virtual reality (VR) in 3D

Using VR , a 3D model can be visualized real time, without having to convert any data. A simple and quick way to make long prerequisite distance business meetings and make changes on a virtual project in real

To review your product design and get a realistic feeling, you can visualize your 3D model in 1:1 scale or even greater. Any size-related problem can be detected and corrected directly in VR. Doing so, it is also possible to integrate a human avatar into the virtual model in order to improve the ergonomics of the product.

How to Use Virtual reality (VR) in 3D

1 – Prototyping is the best means to prevent wasting your time. In other words, it provides a set of approaches and special tools for exploring ideas, furthermore, testing it before excessive resource usage. Instead of spending time and money without a 100% guarantee of desired results, prototyping suggests using an experimental model for testing your idea. As a form of research, it allows exploring problems in interfaces and services for crafting to perfection.

2 – Implementing VR in industries allows reducing time and saving costs during design phase

3 – It can be used for 3D design, design optimization, manufacturing and assembly training.

4 – Real-time instructions, object manipulation, as well as enabling enterprises to automate production lines or troubleshoot issues in real-time.

5 – 2D and 3D layouts cannot convey an idea in such a way as VR for visualization stuff can do.

6 – It can be used in 3D Design studies and optimize or change design.

7 – It can be used for 3D Design visualization like in piping size, distance and look-feel experience allowing individuals to experience real life plants/equipments.

8 – Designers and engineers easily experiment with the build and look of 3D pipe arrangement, instrument Design before fabricating expensive prototypes with VR. Brands such as Jaguar and BMW use the technology for early design and engineering reviews. Virtual reality saves the car industry millions by reducing the number of prototypes built per vehicle line.

TECHXR Innovations Our Technology Partner

NORG is blessed to have TECHXR (Mr. Prashant Kumar Mishra) as our technology partner for VR and AR. His company is dedicatedly working in the R&D and integration of AR/VR in various fields. He already has a patent in his name for one of his self developed VR device.

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